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Responsibility Of An Employee In A Company

• Support The Organization In Achieving The Organizational Goal-
Every Institution Has Its Own Set Of Goals And It’s The Responsibility Of An Employee To Help The Organization In Achieving Its Objectives. Otherwise, There Is No Sense In Hiring The Employee And Spending Huge Capital On Them Since An Employee Has To Be An Asset To The Organization, Not A Liability. Employees Should Contribute To The Fulfillment Of The Organization’s Goals By Generating Creative Ideas And Working To Achieve Those Expectations.

• Having Ethical Behavior And Being A Disciplined Person –
An Employee Needs To Have Ethical And Good Behavior In An Organization Since A Workplace Consists Of Several People And Having Bad Behavior In The Organization Can Lead To Conflict And Rivalries.

• Having Different Skills
In An Organization, Tasks Are Allocated Individually Or In A Group And Every Member Of The Group Has To Work Together To Accomplish The Purpose Of That Task. So Every Employee Should Possess The Qualities Of Functioning Efficiently In A Faction, Directing The Squad And Cooperating With Other Members, And Having Decision-making Skills, And Problem-solving Skills.

• Working On Their Shortcomings
Employees Should Constantly Work On Their Weaknesses And Try To Amend Them By Enriching Their Skills Or Following The Training Or Orientation Session With Full Vigilance To Maintain A Healthy Performance And Contribution In The Organization.

• Following The Company Guidelines Or Rules
It’s The Obligation Of The Employees To Keep The Resources Of A Company Safe And Secure, Obey The Rules Built By A Company For Their Employees, And Respect The Company’s Property.

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Company Responsibility For Their Employees

• Encouraging And Applauding The Employees For Their Accomplishment
An Organization Should Provide Healthy And Ample Opportunities To Their Employees So That They Can Work To The Best Of Themselves And Showcase Their Talent. Furthermore, It’s The Responsibility Of The Organization To Reward Hardworking Employees By Providing Them Incentives And Cash Prizes, And Bonuses. Applauding Them For Their Accomplishments Gives Them A Sense Of Motivation To Work Harder Next Time.

• Ensuring That Employees Are Happy And Satisfied With Their Jobs
It Is Very Unethical To Treat Employees As Machinery And Ask Them To Work Continuously For Long Hours Straight Just Because They Are Being Reimbursed. They Have To Make Sure That Employees Are Appreciating What They Are Doing, Helping Them To Grow With The Time. Providing Them With Healthy Working Conditions Giving Their Privacy, And Not Overburdening The Employees.

• Providing Employees With Proper Health Facilities
It’s The Responsibility Of An Organization To Look After The Safety Of The Employees By Ensuring That The Office Building Is Resistant To Fire And If Any Employee Gets Injured During The Working Hours Or Has Any Medical Emergency The Organization Should Immediately Take The Person To The Hospital And Provide Medical Care.

• Providing Them With Proper Training And Welfare Schemes
An Organization Should Train Their Employees According To The Current Trends In The Corporate Culture, Technology, Changes, Etc. And Provide Proper Welfare Facilities Like Staying Facilities, Transportation Facilities, Refreshment Facilities, Etc.

How To Keep Employees Happy

• Organizing Fun Activities In The Organization
Celebrating Employees’ Birthdays, Festivals, Retirements, Completions, Organizing Picnics, Games, Etc Helps The Employees To Get Refreshed And Happy.

• Taking Feedback And Suggestions From Them-
Including Employees In The Decision-making Process By Taking Feedback And Suggestions From Them Will Make The Employee Feel Important In The Organization And Will Make The Employee Happy.

• Appreciating Their Work
Appreciating Employees For Their Hard Work, Good Behavior, Discipline, And Accomplishment Will Make The Employee Feel Very Happy, And Motivated And Will Also Boost Their Confidence Level.

• Creating An Unbiased Workspace-
Providing Impartial Workspace Preferring Hardworking And Merited Employees Over Personal Preferences. Averting Favoritism In The Organization And Treating Every Employee Equally And Providing Everyone With Equal Opportunities. It Will Make The Employees Feel Valued In The Organization, Which Will Also Make Them Happy And Pleased With The Organization.

Employees’ Expectations With The Company

• Employees Expect To Be Treated Well And Valued In The Workplace.
• Getting Proper Compensation And Having A Transparent Pay Structure.
• Getting Opportunities To Showcase Their Skills
• Having Good Working Conditions
• Having A Healthy Work Environment.
• Job Security
• Having Adequate Healthcare Facilities And Obtaining Safety In The Organization
• Comfortable Working Hours, Etc.

Role Of HR In Maintaining Employee And Organization Relation

• Encouraging Teamwork In The Organization. It Will Make Employees Communicate With Fellow Team Members And Promote Learning Of New Skills Which Will Lead To A Good Environment In The Workplace.
• Encouraging Interactions Between The Supervisors And Employees – Timely Interactions Between The Employer And Employees Will Have The Employees Know Their Strengths And Weaknesses And Also Solutions To Improve Them.
• Taking Feedback From Each Employee About The Workplace Environment And Taking Necessary Actions To Work On Them.